Population Pyramid Chart

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    By default, QlikView doesn't have a Pyramid chart, but is possible to create one using a bar chart as a platform. On picture at side, population is split between gender and distributed along of years intervals. So, is possible see how many people are male or female, by period. Of course this technique is useful for different purposes. Sales, billing, products, etc. All you need to create this chart is a dimension and two expressions. Each expression will represented by a color. Therefore, for male and female is necessary two expressions, one for each gender. Sometimes, this data can be filled in one column, so, you should create two expressions using Set Analysis.


    Steps to Create Population Pyramid

       1. Select a Bar chart , Take Interval (Field) as a Dimension.

       2. Add Expressions -> Sum(Male) and Sum(Female)*-1.

       3. Enable Value on Datapoints for both the Expressions.

       4. Goto Sort tab -> Select Text -> Z >A.

       5. Goto Style tab-> Select first chart-> Select horizontal chart -> Subtype-> Select Stacked.

       6. Goto tab Axes -> Select Hide Axis for both the Expressions.

       7. Goto Number tab -> Select Integer -> Edit this format #.##0;#.##0 for both the expressions; (This pattern has two parts.            Before semicolon is used to formating positive numbers, while after semicolom is desined to format negative numbers).

       8. Finish.

    Please find the attached Sample Document for clear Understanding.

    Courtesy : www.qknow.com