• How can I extract different tables in one excel sheet

    I am working with data loaded onto qlikview, I have created multiple tables   How can i extract all these out in one click onto an excel sheet, can someone please help
    Mike Han
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  • Custom Color in Treemap

    Hello Team,   In Treemaps i want to achieve the below scenario :   Dimension :Category Measure : sum(Sales)   Suppose we have 4 categories Paints,Consumer Durables,Electricals and Chocolates   ...
    Arvind Kumar Jha
    created by Arvind Kumar Jha
  • Concat 2 tables and check if fieldX=A and fieldX=B for each item

    Hi,   I have a table as shown below. XXX is not unique. Right now it is displayed as below. I would like to show either 'ABC', 'DEF' (if it exists in only one of the respective table) or 'ABC and DEF' (if it ...
    Mei Zheng Tay
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  • Pivot Table Highlight Max Column

    Hi I have some sample data that needs to be shown in a pivot table. Now I need to highlight the column (say background color) which has the highest revenue when the Mode column in collapsed. Like so   Make Mode R...
    Siddharth Mulchandani
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  • Strange Calculation Results

    Hello:   I'm getting some inconsistent calculation results from my Load script.  The following is a snippet of code from the load script:   Num(If(IsNull([Business Days End 2 END ( without Approvals )...
    Perry Newman
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  • $ Respect selections, except for two fields

    Hello Experts,   I need to respect user selections for all but two fields, Month and Quarter, and I need to specify other fields. I am trying to get a pivot table, with Months across the top to display all the m...
    Dena Reavis
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  • Qual a plataforma predominante que você utiliza, Qlik Sense ou QlikView?

    O intuito da pesquisa é saber como está o balanço entre as duas plataformas, no que diz respeito a utilização predominante entre os membros da comunidade Qlik Brasil.
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  • Could I make 3 table without relation

    I made 3 tables and resource is from the same data.     Table 1(CNC Status) : Filter the SimpleSignalName = FAN , Bat , Act ....etc Table 2(Servo Status) : Filter the SimpleSignalName = Amp , Zero , Temp...
    shih li
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  • Auto-save for data load editor

    1 vote
    If this not be the place for ideas to be funneled to the product development team, please point me to the right location.   It used to be that if Qlik Sense timed out while I was editing data load scripts and go...
    René Valencourt
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  • Nprinting Filter by the previous week

    I have a field called [FISC Week #] and I need to filter my report by the previous week.  I am quite new. 
    Daniel Blois
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  • How do I change the order of data items?

    Everyone Please tell me how to change the format of A to B I would like to convert data to display a monthly graph. How do I write a Load script?   ■Format A Startdate  Location Num Task   ...
    和男 細谷
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  • REST Connector error using WITH CONNECTION and Pagination

    I'm trying to access an API, using REST Connector, including 'WITH CONNECTION (URL "https: // ...")' after SELECT. I need to do pagination. This way I configure the 'pagination type = NextUrl'. Also use the 'Next Url ...
    Jean Paul Neumann
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  • rolling count(date beetween count )

    how i get between dates count of days
    RA MA
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  • Pivot Table

    Hi All,   Can anyone help me with this? My data is in the attached spreadsheet. I need to create a pivot table that more or less looks like the chart below.   The column 'Annual Turns' represents the buck...
    chandni bhowmick
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  • Dimensão / botão

    Prezados, bom dia!   No QVW em anexo estou utilizando a dimensão DIA em meus gráficos, no entanto o cliente deseja que o padrão do gráfico seja os últimos DEZ dias em relaç...
    Silvio Lima
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  • Open URL in a new browser window

    Hi All,   I have a requirement where i need to open an external URL. I am using the open URL button action and it works fine but the page opens up either in the same tab or a different tab of the browser window. ...
    greeshma k
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  • Importing data to Governed Metrics Service

    Hi   I am testing the Governed Metrics Service and would like to get some information on what are the allowed lengths of the fields in the import file     Also it seems to be that there is no way to...
    Darius Pranskus
    created by Darius Pranskus
  • QlikSense GovernedMetrics issues

    Hi   I am testing the Governed Metrics Service and trying to add two metrics and one dimension to the app using it.   I have set it up according the documentation.   The metrics data is being loaded ...
    Darius Pranskus
    created by Darius Pranskus
  • Qlik Skype Bot

    Hi I was able to integrate my Qlik Sense desktop with Skype bot and im also getting my measure values and calculations etc.. But i have a requirement of creating lets say a bar chart with some measures and dimension ...
  • sum(A) where B = Max(B)

    If I replace Max(B) with the maximum value of B in the following line.   Sum({$<B={Max(B)}>}A)   It Works as desired but the Max value of B can change and it is not practical to update manually
    Kenneth Yesh
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