• Master Calendar (Year issue)

    Hi,   I received data in excel format, the Date field ([Bill Date]) is in the format (20170101). I'm creating a master calendar for getting the missing dates. When i use the particular expression in script edit...
    jobson joseph
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  • Set Analysis to get Previous Quarter, Half and Year sales

    Hi All,   Could you please help me to get previous Quarter, Half and Year sales.   If user select FY18 Q1, user should get FY17 Q1 sales. If user select FY18 H1, user should get FY17 H1 sales. If user se...
    Pradeep M
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  • Straight table Column with no data ?

    Hello,   I have the Straight table as shown below;     I am using Cost Code, Cost Area as Dimensions and Value, Value (USD) as expressions.   Expressions: Value = Value Value (USD) = Valu...
    Bhavesh Pediredla
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  • previous month filter date

    Hello everyone,   I need to set an expression like this:   One is: if the user filter from aug 21º to sep 10º,   the other expresison needs to have the result of the same days but from the ...
    samuel lopes
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  • Make a table where the stock accumulate month by month

    Hello, I apologize for my english, i hope you understand. I have the next problem: I want to do a table where the stock showing the accumulate quantity month by month, I have the quantity wich is ussed in each mon...
    Elena Dominguez
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  • How to show value and % in a stacked bar in qlik sense

    Hi Guys,   I have created a stacked bar in qlik sense and want to see the values as well as % share for the different segments in the stack. How do I achieve this? Please advise.   Regards, Rony
    Ron M
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  • Average range in qlik sense

    Hello everybody,   I have a problem about to calculate average a range. like my example below:   Date Equity 1 1000 2 1000 3 2000 4 500 5 500 6 3000 I want my result is a column with accumulate average UNI...
    Phong Nguyen
    created by Phong Nguyen
  • "Not Connected" popup in Mashup when reopening a closed app

    I am working on a mashup that has navigation betwene two separate apps.   I load the first app and render my visualisations as necessary then on the user clicking a navigation button i close the first app and op...
    Alastair McDonald
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  • Simplest way possible to connect to Qlik Sense API

    Wrapper For Qlik Sense API Recently i've been working a lot with qlik sense api, which was giving me a lot of headache. My main goal was to get the information (apps, users, create session, delete session and so on......
    Rodolfo Carvalho
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  • Split en sum duration

    Hi all,   I have a text file that as follows: cardnumber, building/floor, time in, time out, duration. example: c001, Crown/firstfloor, 31/07/18 11:59:58 PM, 01/08/18 12:01:57 AM, 00:01:59   Qlik is new f...
    GJ Kleijer
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  • Aggr(RangeSum(Above( function not working

    Hello Everyone.   Need help in writing the expression for Bar chart.   The req is  for date 07/09/2018 for the BU need to Minus the Above value and so on. Expected Output  -07/09/2018 for BU(IBG...
    shreya nadkarni
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  • qlik field api getData bind issue in mashup

    Hi All, Using qlik field getData api.   var abc = app.field('some_field).getData(); abc.OnData.bind(function(){      console.log(abc.rows.length) // here sometimes length is coming as zero...
    Satya Prakash
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  • Alternate measures in qlik api

    Hello All,   How to create alternate measures for qlik bar chart through qlik api(using visualization api).   Gone through visualization api documentation but didn't find anything related to it.   Re...
    Satya Prakash
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  • Getting started with Qlik APIs

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted about how a developer can get started with Qlik, so I figured it would be a good idea to review current tools and resources for developers new to Qlik.   A good pl...
    Francis Kabinoff
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  • Document Chaining in Qlik Sense

    Document Chaining in Qlik Sense made simple. As we all know in QlikView document chaining is drilling down from one application to another automatically transferring selections. Qlik Sense does not have document cha...
    Ajay Kakkar
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  • Rolling 7 days

    Hi Experts,   Would like to seek advise on how to write correct set analysis with this situation. I have # Sales per day. The results I want is the sum of the running 7 day sales   Sample Data  ...
    Isabel Encinas
    created by Isabel Encinas
  • Styling Qlik Sense sheets and Objects

    Style Qlik Sense sheets and objects with some option which can change the look and feel of your Sheet qlik-sense-styler  Why Do We need CSS for styling?  CSS Provides Efficiency in Design and Updates CSS ...
    Ajay Kakkar
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  • Stacked $Syn Keys with Null Values

    Hi All,   Is there anyone has some ideas about $Syn keys' behavior of Null values? I have a fact table that contain several keys which are split into the $Syn table. Below a simple example, but it may not be ac...
    Thomas Wang
    created by Thomas Wang
  • How to do proper Groupby in Qlik Sense Table?

    Hi,   Is there a documentation on how to do the following groupby?   Name Fruit Date Mike Apple 20180101 Mike Apple 20180103 John Banana 20180201 John Banana 20180209   I wanted to create another tabl...
    Lewis Koh
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  • Syn Key - Missing Data after removal

    Hello,   I have a question regarding the Syn Key. I know that it is created automatically when multiple fileds in different tables match. Now this is unfortunately the case in my QLikview app. Following Syn Key ...
    Stefan Weber
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