• assigning value from table to a variable

    I have a table where the information is sorted in a particular order. Is there a way I can assign a cell value in a particular position (eg, row 1 column 2) to a variable easily? thanks
    Ronald Wang
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  • Set analysis expression to calculate the average

    Hello,   I was wondering if I could get some help please.   I am attempting to use an expression to calculate the average total sales for the month in qlikview to put in my summary table.   The raw d...
    Esther Da-Silva
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  • New hire & existing Employee

       Hi All,   I have required to find new hire or existing employee   Here  sample data ,Is it feasible to achieve in edit script? Month employee id Output 1-Jun-17 101 new hire 2-Jun-17 102 ...
    scotly victor
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  • Cross table with repeating dimensions challenge

    Hi guys,   I have to read a bunch of excels with a format like this :     If I do a regular cross table, this is my result :     And I'd like to get the same result but with the main di...
    Marcel Olmo
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  • Long opening of script editor

    Hello,   When I first open the Qlikview document, and press ctrl+e it starts loading, like 5-10 seconds till it opens the script editor. When I reload and open script editor again, it is much faster.   W...
    Retko Okter
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  • FirstSortedValue and Inner Join

    Hi Folks,   i got a question, i am using the firstsortedvalue () - function in script-area to show last value and it does work well my table does look like:   id, name, city, id_date, amount James, Munic...
    beck bakytbek
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  • How to export jobs in QMC to Excel

    I am trying to have a summary of all jobs running in the console, esp runtime, status, start and finish time of each jobs. Is there a feature in QMC where I can export these info into an excel file. That would be wond...
    John Jackson
    created by John Jackson
  • QlikSense .Net SDK: How to retrieve data from a  filter pane?

    I would like to do the following actions for Filter Pane using .Net SDK.  Can anyone suggest how can I achieve the same.   Would like to print the list of data values in the filter pane. Select one or mor...
  • Tables not visible in select statement wizard

    Looking for some help as I have run out of ideas. I have an ODBC connection to a MS SQL 64 bit database using an account which is a sysadmin on that database. Permissions look good and if I manually script the selec...
    Tristan Hargreaves
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  • Conditional formatting not working from Excel to PDF

    I found a weird bug when using Excel conditional formatting.   I made a Excel report that is transformed to a PDF document.   When i preview the document in Excel the conditional formatting is used and s...
    Lauran van Hoek
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  • how to create an if statement measure in table

    I currently have a report that I create in Excel using a Pivot Table. I use a very long if statement in order to calculate the productivity percentile using 4 columns in the pivot. (The if statement calculates outside...
    Shannon Green
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  • QS Nov 2017 Release: Upgrade failed / failing MSI: PostgreSQL

    Hi all   Simple upgrade of AWS instance failed from QS Sep '17 release to Nov '17 release. No complex configuration. Log is showing this (extract): [2B80:1B10][2017-11-19T23:15:20]e000: Error 0x80070643: Fail...
    Omar Pennacchio
    created by Omar Pennacchio
  • Recipient Update in Npritning

    I am using Npriting 16. When trying to create a import recipient list task, the newly added recipient is not getting updated.   Below the steps i am following :   Hitting db and pulling the recipient list an...
    soundarya meenakshi
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  • Qlikview Extension in NPrinting

    Hi @ll,   I am currently creating a pixelperfect report in NPrinting 17 (September Release) connected to a QlikView application (12.1 SR8). For the internal objects everything seems to be fine besides pivot tabl...
    Simon Koenen
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  • Nprinting job runs indefinitely

    Anyone had issues with a scheduled Nprinting job not stopping and running for hours?    I reviewed the logs and no error was present but log entries did stop generating at 5:45 when our first job of the da...
    Michael Granillo
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  • Excel pivot table - NPrinting 17.3

    Hi,   In my Nprinting excel report, I am creating an excel pivot table from qvf data. Now above the table headers I want to have another header row. I created a formula for the same whose value is a static string...
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  • Conditional color

    Hello,   I would like to identify a formula to highlight the rate column if there are if the account number appears twice in the pivot table.   I think this can be achieved using the aggr(count function &n...
    Esther Da-Silva
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  • Static filter in NPrinting June 2017 on one field having >3000 unique values

    Hi All,   I have a field named Salesman, which has a unique SalesID for each Salesman. I am trying to send out an email to all Salesman who did not sign their Log of Attendance by the end of the week, to reimbu...
    Nazira lala
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  • Search in help.qlik.com

    The search function seems to have changed recently. Previously I could set my particular software and version once (Sense, June 2017). Now I need to filter repeatedly when doing a series of searches. Results are incon...
    Judy Nolan
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  • Situation when I get A primary Key, instead of Key or Perfect Key.

    Hello,   I was trying to learn about these concepts in Qlikview, and found some posts on forum, than tried to recreate it myself, and I can make a key to be Primary Key and show it when I hover over in Table View...
    Retko Okter
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