• Reading the value from a specific cell

    Hello all I am trying to add an excel cell (BD column and row 46 which is a calculated value from a table) to qlik sense. I tried all i can find in forum but couldn't accomlished. I just want to see the calculated va...
    Erhan Çopur
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  • Limpeza de dados - Twitter

    Bom dia,   Alguém ai já faz busca de dados no Twitter? Estou fazendo algumas análises e estou querendo achar um método para limpar os twetts, pois vem com muito "lixo" na frase.   ...
    Rodrigo Dittrich
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  • Abreviar valor de uma coluna

    Olá pessoal!   Tenho uma tabela x: Diretoria a Diretoria b Diretoria c Gerência y Gerência z Departamento A1 Departamento B5 Departamento X9 ... Quero criar outra coluna com o nome (...
    jamir fonseca junior
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  • Using a Variable or "Set Analysis" as a dimension filter - Customer Retention

    Good Time of Day to you Qlik Gurus,   I've been working with Qlik for a few month and have got a question to ask you guys on the use of variables and filter selection as well as set analysis, so here I go.  ...
    Vlad Batalovs
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  • Autogenerate count is out of range?

    Hi there,   I have implemented a canonical calendar and master calendar per some information I found online which utilizes a sub routine to spawn off the common calendar and optionally you can spawn off master c...
    Thomas Evans
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  • Creation of Dynamic Calendar

    The YouTube video at: Selecting Arbitrary Date Ranges - YouTube  provides a previously working approach to creating a "From" and "To" Calendar such that data between the two selections is displayed.  I have...
    david balmer
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  • Sending e-mail alerts in Qlik Sense Enterprise Task Failures

    There´s a common request to any Qlik Sense Enterprise Administrator: "Is there any way to be informed by e-mail when a reload task fails?"  Yes, there is!   Before that some technical small talk (yo...
    Clever Anjos
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  • Set Modifier Not Equal to

    Hello,   I have the following expression :   Count({<CPT_CATEGORY != {'Product Sales'}, CPT != {'96567','96920','96922'}>}Distinct Visits)   Where I am trying to count distinct visits that are ...
    Ashley Kuttler
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  • Bar chart showing null values (need global solution)

    That's what I have     What i need:   I am using local solution, adding "+ SUM({1}0)" to a Chart formula, but is there a global solution? Otherwise I would have to redo each master formula in my p...
    Глеб Аитов
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  • Webinar: BI Trends 2018 (AMS)

    1/17/18 1:00 PM
    In this global webinar, we’ll reveal the top BI Trends for the coming year and how they can help you transform your data. Join Qlik’s Global Market Intelligence lead and former Gartner analyst Dan Sommer t...
    Jeremy Latimer
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    Webinar: BI Trends 2018 (AMS)

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  • SAML authetication with ADFS/SFDC on iOS app

    We are trying to do SAML authentication on the virtual proxy without a prefix as states by the limitation document for the iOS app and it gives Server login attempt failed error. AD authentication works fine. SAML wor...
    Tanveer Pratap
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  • 100% Bar chart with 2 dimensions and one measure

    Hi All, Is it possible to create a 100% stacked bar with 2 dimensions and 1 measure   I have a bar chart with some sales value for 2 years.   Required: Create alternate measure to fit in fig 1 to show 100...
    Tirumal Dhulipudi
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  • Calculation of an Account Balance?

    LOAD * INLINE [     Acct, Balance, SalesPerson     1212, 100, David     1212, 100, Mike     1212, 100, Lucy     1525, 325, Jack  &n...
    david balmer
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  • Rank Dates in a Bar chart

    Hello,   I am trying to understand how to use the rank function.   I am reporting on license consumption. I have license keys that are valid for a certain length of time. I am looking to rank the create da...
    Cassadi Kane
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  • Box plot of a grouped dataset

    Hi I have a dataset like this Count Age Category 3 18 A 300 19 A 100 20 A 56 21 A 4 17 B 10 18 B 35 19 B 20 20 B 97 33 C 94 34 C 86 35 C 87 36 C 87 37 C I want to plot the age distribution of each category which se...
    Bob Leong
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  • Dont create Synthetic Key between two tables

    Hi,   I two requirements from one QVD called TEST.QVD.   1. [TEST_ONE]: LOAD firstname, lastname, mobilenumber, company, managername from [TEST.QVD] where managername <> null and com...
    vidya sagar malla
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  • How to add an AutoNumberHash128() Key in a Table composed by a left join union

    CODE EXAMPLE: Orders: LOAD     OrderID,     CustomerID,     Office,     OrderDate FROM [lib://DATA COMBINADA/DATA COMBINADA.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded la...
    Jose Gonzalez
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  • Section access newbie.

    I am new to qlik sense and have been trying to restrict data in an app based on region.  With the below code nothing is being restricted. All users are seeing all territories.   LOAD * inline [ ACCESS, US...
    James Rizzitano
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  • Trial Limit has been reached. To obtain a full License visit us at http://jdbcconnector.de

    Hi Team,        While trying to load the script after making the connection am getting the error.   Regards, Karim Khan
    Karim Khan
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  • Global District Map

    Here is the code in the Data Load Editor   Geographic Regions: LOAD     Global District,     Expenses FROM [lib://Sheet1.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Geographic Regions); ...
    Liam Lucas
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