• Condition sur résultat numérique et alpha

    Bonjour sur mon dernier poste, J'ai formulé une demande sur un même besoin sur cette discussion : Condition sur calcul   Mon problème : Exclure le résultat NA de mon filtre Evolution VQ11 ...
    Axel Beaugrand
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  • How to write the query ?

    Hi All ,   Pull a report of all institutions that have more than one active consultant relationship.  A consultant has the CONSULTANT (id 6 in relationshiptype) relationship type to its institution in relat...
    Suvechha Bhadra
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  • Most occuring product

    I have given most occuring product for reference. I need to return the product that is most frequently occuring product based on Measure . Here E should return, since it has highest occurrences even though its marg...
    Deepak K M
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  • compare time

    I have a list of time and want to know if they are in the future or past compare to now. so expecting to see:   any idea, I tied to play with the interval function but not sucess yet... Thanks Raphael &nb...
    Raphael Guedj
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  • Isochrones (Maps) in Qlik Sense

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest me how to implement Isochrones in Qlik Sense Maps or using Geo Qlik for Qlik Sense. A brief fact about Isochrones: [An isochrone is an isoline for travel time, that is a curve of eq...
    Rudra Satish
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  • failed to open the selected hub

    Hello,   I tried to install the Qlik sense desktop, I choose login with Qlik account and its show me the message "failed to open the selected hub" what it's mean? what I do wrong?
    keren fisher
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  • SUMIFS in Qlik

    Hi   I am new to Qlik and I was usually using Excel in before.   Here is a case I would like to use something similar to "SUMIFS" but I am not quite sure how to write in on Qlik.   For example: &...
    felix Dang
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  • Générer un rapport et envoie automatique

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,   Voici mon soucis : J'aimerais générer un rapport automatiquement, l'enregistrer en PDF ou en EXCEL (c'est une "Zone table") puis l'envoyer par mail automatiq...
    Antony Hoarau
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  • Dimension - all Postal Codes of Top 3 Cities

    Hi all, I want to create a dimension with all postal codes of the top 3 cities regarding sales. I ended up creating a dimension with the top 3 cities: =aggr(if(rank(sum({<$(vYTD)>}sales)) <=3, city),city) ...
    Sabrina Richter
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  • Percentage calculation

    Hi Experts,   Can any please help me on Below requirement.   I have a  pivot table like below from Measure please help me to calculate the Percentage column   Dimension    &n...
    Mahitha M
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  • Nprinting 2017 -On Demand

    Hi, I am having an application in which I am using Qlik Sense Extension for NPrinting 17 On-Demand. But I am getting following error: Version details: QlikSense November 17 and Nprinting February 18 Kindly suggest so...
    Ankusha Dongre
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  • The Qlik Sense June 2018 Release has Arrived!

    As the summer months begin to heat up so too are things here at Qlik with the much-anticipated Qlik Sense June 2018 Release. Packed with so many great new features, and it is hard to know where to start...   ...
    QlikSense Updates
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  • Set more that one variable in Qlik Sense

    Hello, All   May be some one solved my case earlier  - I need set more than one variable by action (click button and etc) in Qlik Sense.   Briefly about my task: set two variables by button click 1 ...
    Vadim Grab
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  • the use of "&" in qliksense script

    script :load TX_DATE&WEEKDAY as tx_date,TOTAL_D,WEIGHT_D Resident TableName; type of TX_DATE  is date while type of WEEKDAY is string. i expect the reslut of script like "2018/06/01Monday" but the res...
    bill xu
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  • Average Sales by Days

    Good Morning Guys,   I am having issue with a report on Qlikview, i want to be able to run an average sales report by day. This means that if i made a sales of 100000 in a month that the invoice days is 28, i wa...
    Omotayo Olokede
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  • Qlik Sense QMC not working correctly failed reloads

    I have noticed lately that the Qlik Sense QMC is not working as expected. I have a daily scheduled task to reload an app and that later reloads other two more apps on task event. The thing is that although the QMC s...
    Lan Liz
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  • Média ponderada no script

    Caros bom dia!   Estou necessitando fazer uma média ponderada no script, para que esse valor de média esteja vinculado com outros campos (localidade, cliente, etc.),  seguindo o modelo:   su...
    Paulo Roberto
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  • Un-associated fields

    Good day,   I have two tables (say Table_A and Table_B) in my application which contains Company Names Company_From_A and Company_From_B, respectively. (Given that Company Names (data) available in Table_A ...
    Zulfikar Ali Syed
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  • Endless Bubbles in Hub

    We have sporadically the effect, that the user can enter the hub and sees all the correct apps, but whenever he tries to open an app the Qlik loading bubbles appear and stay no matter how long he waits. To make things...
    Rheiner Rhenus
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  • Fetch max date for two unique IDs

    Hi,   Can you help me with below issue. Table as below. Need to get latest timestamp for each ID and Index ID Index TimeStamp Header 4 AAA 1001 05-01-2012  12:26:17 PM AAA 1001 07-01-2012  3:59:07 PM ...
    Pavan R
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